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  • Russman Debubblizer Surfactant


    Russman DeBubblizer Surfactant chemically designed to reduce surface tension, produce sharper details, eliminate bubble formation when pouring model casts from any impressions alginate, rubber, silicone, wax and investing wax patterns.


    Special First Issue

    The secret to pouring great models begins with Russman’s DeBubblizer Surfactant.

    Pouring great models.

    1. Air blow air impression.

    2. Holding the impression 6 inches (15cm) away, spray LIGHTLY with Russman’s DeBubblizer Surfactant.

    3. Vibrate stone into impression.

    Alternative methods
    When mixing stone or investment material, add 2 drops to 100grams stone. This makes the stone denser, harder.

    A fine spray is best. Don’t try to use too much.