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  • Master Big Brush #8R with Natural Kolinsky



    Master Big Brush #8R with Natural Kolinsky

    ​The convenience of the Master Brush along with the most advance ability of a Big Brush, this brush is the absolute must have.

    • Slim & lightweight handle is design for better control and it reduce strain on your hands.
    • It maintains a pointed tip and doesn't fan out.
    • It is equipped with small bearings that helps you maintain a pointed tip with less wear on the natural hair even with constant use. By simply shaking it to a point to remove excess water, the bearings will push the moisture toward the very tip, giving it a very fine tip and making it last longer.
    • It retains a well balance moisture while working with the fine tip or during porcelain buildup.
    • Using it for buildup or even on the finest detail, this brush can and will do the job.

    Item Number: 270-108
    Order Code: BRS-M8R
    Packaging: 8 x 2.25 x 1 inches
    Weight: 4 oz

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