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Hi - Tech Super Dipping Wax

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Characteristics: The finest ingredients are carefully chosen and ingeniously combined to create a formula that responds to the ever expanding HIGH TECH needs of modern technicians.

Remarkable elasticity yet consistent dimensional integrity are the family traits of SUPER DIPPING WAXES. The smooth even coating which reproduces in accurate details the surface of the die, allows virtually immediate and easy carving. The crush resistant copings come off the dies delightfully clean supporting flexible and sharp margins.

Recommended working temperature for approximate coping thickness of 0.3-0.4 mm is 178ºF-187ºF (81ºC-86ºC) at room temperature 68ºF-72ºF (20ºC-22ºC). For best results dip dies quickly but gently in continuous mode. For posteriors with deep occlusion fossa plunge die with a twisting motion slanting it slightly, It will help avoid trapping air bubbles.