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Finishing & polishing Denture Material Nature Top Glaze

Natur Top Glaze
Nature Top Glaze produces a natural wet-looking protective glaze over permanent and provisional acrylic allowing the base color to show through. Self-curing, increases color stability. Fills micro voids to reduce bacteria and odor problems. Bonds to all dental resins, including methyl and ethyl methacrylates, poly-carbonates, bis-acrylic resins, resin crowns and laminates, vinyl methacrylate co-polymers, acrylic denture teeth denture base, and composite resins.

Fully transparent product
produces a natural wet looking glaze over the permanent and provisional acrylic, while the base color is seen trough
Air dries quickly
Applicable on all kinds of dental resins
Suitable for composite restorations
15 ml