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SDS: Debubblizer/Surfactant - Manufacturer’s Rep: Russman DeBubblizer & Dental Supply, LLC

• Chemical Name: N/A
• Trade Name: Debubblizer / Surfactant
• Chemical Family: N/A
• Hazardous Ingredients: No hazardous components. 

Physical/Chemical Data 

• Boiling Point: 212o F                                                           
• Vapor Pressure: N/A
• Vapor Density: N/A
• Solubility in Water: Yes
• Specific Gravity: (H2O=1): 1.01
• Percent volatile by volume%: Liquid 
• Evaporation rate: N/A
• Appearance and odorless: Pink, Odorless 

Fire and Explosion Hazard Data 

• Flashpoint:  N/A
• Flammable Limits: N/A 
• Extinguishing media: none
• Special fire fighting procedures: N/A
• Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: none  

Health Hazard Data 

• Effects of Overexposure: none
• Emergency and First Aid Procedures: N/A 

Reactivity Data 

• Stability: stable 
• Incompatibility: none
• Hazardous Decomposition Products: none
• Hazardous Polymerization: will not occur. 

Special Protection Information

• Respiratory Protection: none needed 
• Ventilation: none needed 
• Protective Gloves: none needed
• Eye Protection: none needed
• Special Precautions: Store at room temperature. Keep away from children.